The Adventure Backpack

Backpacks. They’re used for school, travel, convenience and adventures. No good adventure is complete without an Adventure Backpack.


Every time I go on an adventure with someone, I have them sign somewhere on my backpack. It currently has almost 30 signatures and is filling up fast

The backpack I use is a free one I got in San Antonio during the summer of 2013. It’s been mended once by me while in Florida using a pocketknife and purple yarn, and a second time by my mom using an actual sewing machine. Each adventure I go on, I have any adventure companions sign their name on my backpack. So far it’s been to Florida, Texas, an alpaca farm in Illinois, Colorado twice, and all over Iowa and Nebraska.

Qualities of a good adventure backpack:

  • Sturdy – the goal is to take this backpack on all your adventures, so it’s essential that it’s able to hold up to the challenge.
  • Pockets – my backpack gets pretty crowded, so pockets are perfect to put all of the important things, like your phone, wallet and keys, in easily accessible compartments.
  • Big enough for your needs – this part I’ll leave up to your discretion. I need a larger backpack to hold all my journals, pens, bible, books, and lots of snacks. Maybe you only need space for a camera and a notebook. Up to you.
  • History – now, obviously your backpack isn’t going to have any history when you first buy it; that’s the fun in it. Your goal is to give the backpack stories to tell. If you already have a backpack with history, perfect.

Here are just a couple of my personal recommendations for a good, sturdy Adventure Backpack.

Serengetee ($59-75)

Serengetee is one of my favorite brands (and this won’t be the last you hear of them!). All of their products use fabric from a different part of the world, and each one supports a cause. These backpacks were literally made for adventures with sturdy straps, a front pocket, and a laptop case if your adventure requires technology.

Northface Roo II ($34)

If you want a smaller backpack that almost isn’t a backpack at all, this is the one for you. The Roo is like an oversized fanny pack for your back, the perfect size for a camera or a notebook and a few snacks.


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