Hit the road, Jack

Photo by Unsplash artist Juan Di Nella

Photo by Unsplash artist Juan Di Nella

Road trips. You either love them or you hate them. Unless you’re the driver, it’s hours and hours of mindless boredom, and for some people, carsickness.

This past weekend I drove back to school after being home for fall break. It wasn’t much of a road trip, just two and a half hours. when I was about an hour out, I saw a sign I had passed many times advertising something called the Freedom Rock. Intrigued and with no place to be that night, I took a last minute exit toward the rock.

It turned out to be a giant boulder painted with a “thank you” mural to our veterans. About what I expected. But rather than turning around and making the three minute drive back to the interstate, I went the opposite way in search of an adventure.

The great thing about road trips – however long they may be – is the potential for adventure. You can get almost anywhere with a car and a full tank of gas (or two or three.) Adventure can be right around the next turn or just over the hill.

There are so many ways to turn a road trip into an adventure. If you leave a few hours sooner than when you need to arrive, it gives you the freedom to explore a little bit. Take an exit and visit a tourist attraction. Drive through a small town and eat at a locally owned restaurant. Meet your waiter or waitress and ask them about life. Take the scenic route. Get lost. Find your way back.

If all else fails, I encourage you to turn off the interstate and travel by highway for awhile. And if it’s right before sunset, the views are spectacular. Trust me.


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