Facing Your Fears

I have a confession. I don’t like Halloween. I don’t really like dressing up, I’m not a huge fan of candy and I do NOT like being scared.

So it makes absolutely no sense that the week before Halloween I would decide to go to a haunted house. I was going to pay money to get chased by men with chainsaws and screamed at by people in bloody, terrifying costumes. But I figured doing something that scares me would make for a great adventure (and a funny scene for those that watched me get scared over and over again).

The haunted house I chose wasn’t a house at all but a forest. Ames Haunted Forest, to be exact. The entire walk-through took about 20 minutes, which was a pretty long time for the $15 price I paid to get in. It was a mix of indoor and outdoor areas. One had bodies in coffins, one had creepy school girls hanging out in a nursery and the last one involved strobe lights, a man in a mask, and a room covered floor to ceiling in a checkered pattern. After all of that, and more, I made it out alive – although my heartbeat may have been too lively.

If you’re having trouble looking for more adventure if your own life, maybe it’s because you’re staying within your bubble of comfort. Once you get past that and try something you wouldn’t have done before, new doors start opening for all sorts of adventures.

For me, haunted houses are the thing that scares me. For someone else, it might be heights or swimming or even a circus full of clowns. Whatever your fear is, facing it head on is sure to be its own cause for adventure.

Ames Haunted Forest will be open Oct. 30 and 31 before closing for the season. Other houses around the Des Moines area you can check out before Halloween are Sleepy Hollow’s Haunted Scream Park, The Haunted Barn, and Linn’s Haunted House. You’ll have to tell me about them, though, since there’s no way I’ll be doing any more haunted houses for awhile.


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