The Adventure Path


My good friend Kylee posing on my favorite adventure path. (Photo courtesy of Kylee Bateman)

Life is a culmination of the little things. Brief moments shared with friends, making a baby laugh, finding a flower that’s the perfect shade of purple. It only makes sense for the way we view the little things to affect how we view the larger portrait of our life.

On my campus, there are 3 stone paths that I affectionately refer to as adventure paths. It’s not much, just 10 or so stones placed over dirt so you can cut across the landscaping. Every time I come to an adventure path, I make a point to take it. It breaks up my normal walk on boring, concrete sidewalks.

I think life is a lot like adventure paths. On its own, that 8 a.m. walk to class can become mundane and boring. But seizing the opportunity to see something as more than what it is, to take the adventure path, gives your commute just a little bit of something extra.

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m big into making the ordinary adventurous. I believe that anything can be an adventure, even a handful of stepping stones in the dirt. All it takes is the right mindset.

So, what’s your adventure path? It doesn’t have to be an actual path. It can be petting a dog during you walk. Punching the car ceiling when you run a yellow light. It can even be as small as using grape jelly instead of strawberry on your PB&J. Make a point this week to find something in your daily routine and spice it up with a new outlook.



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