New _____, new me

Every new beginning feels like a fresh start. There’s a reason the gym is always packed in January. We see the new year as an opportunity to push the restart button on our lives and begin to live out the “New year, new me” motto.

It’s not just a new year that brings this mentality out in people. “I’ll start on Monday” is a popular mantra for most because Monday signals the start of a new week. New semesters, new jobs, new months, and even a new wardrobe can all spur on the attitude of changing some aspect of ourselves as a way to become better.

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The Adventure Path


My good friend Kylee posing on my favorite adventure path. (Photo courtesy of Kylee Bateman)

Life is a culmination of the little things. Brief moments shared with friends, making a baby laugh, finding a flower that’s the perfect shade of purple. It only makes sense for the way we view the little things to affect how we view the larger portrait of our life.

On my campus, there are 3 stone paths that I affectionately refer to as adventure paths. It’s not much, just 10 or so stones placed over dirt so you can cut across the landscaping. Every time I come to an adventure path, I make a point to take it. It breaks up my normal walk on boring, concrete sidewalks.

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Lessons from a Turkey

12343150_1066584016707837_886438887_o.jpgI never thought a turkey would be able to teach me about adventures. A real turkey, maybe, but not a dead one. And yet somehow 12 pounds of turkey meat gave me new insight and wisdom on adventures.

This year, my friends and I had a Friendsgivingmas (yes, you read that right) celebration. And as we are now the adults, cooking the turkey fell on the host’s shoulders. Which was me, someone who had never cooked a turkey before.

Despite my inexperience in the kitchen, I looked at this as an adventure. Cooking, especially cooking an entire bird, was out of my comfort zone, but I went ahead with it anyway. Through the cooking experience I learned a few things about how to be prepared for any adventure.

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Let it Snow


Photo by Unsplash artist David Creixell Mediante

“Oh the weather outside is frightful…”

If you’re from Iowa right now, or most of the country between the months of November and March, you’ll be able to relate to the song “Let it Snow.” The 5 inches we got over the course of today reminded me of all the fun things I used to do in the snow as a kid (and an adult.) I realized how many adventures are possible in the snow.

So, in honor of the first snow of the year for Des Moines, here are some good snow-themed adventures for you guys.

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DTA: Define the Adventure


Photo by Unsplash artist Aneta Ivanova

There comes a moment in every relationship where you need to DTR—Define The Relationship. Are we just friends? Casually dating? An exclusive couple? It’s important that both sides of the relationship have the same idea about what the relationship even is.

Up until this point, I’ve talked a lot about adventures. Types of adventures, adventure necessities, and some of my own adventures. But I’ve never taken the moment to talk about what adventure really is. I’ve never Defined The Adventure.

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Facing Your Fears

I have a confession. I don’t like Halloween. I don’t really like dressing up, I’m not a huge fan of candy and I do NOT like being scared.

So it makes absolutely no sense that the week before Halloween I would decide to go to a haunted house. I was going to pay money to get chased by men with chainsaws and screamed at by people in bloody, terrifying costumes. But I figured doing something that scares me would make for a great adventure (and a funny scene for those that watched me get scared over and over again).

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