Hit the road, Jack

Photo by Unsplash artist Juan Di Nella

Photo by Unsplash artist Juan Di Nella

Road trips. You either love them or you hate them. Unless you’re the driver, it’s hours and hours of mindless boredom, and for some people, carsickness.

This past weekend I drove back to school after being home for fall break. It wasn’t much of a road trip, just two and a half hours. when I was about an hour out, I saw a sign I had passed many times advertising something called the Freedom Rock. Intrigued and with no place to be that night, I took a last minute exit toward the rock.

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The Language Journey

There are over 6,500 languages in the world. There’s English and Polish and Zulu and Belarusian and… I could spend the entirety of this blog post listing languages, and that wouldn’t even cover a tenth of them.

Even with the multitude of languages spoken on our planet, most people only know 1, 2, or 3. And some people may claim 1.5, citing 3 years of high school language as half a language.
If that’s the case, then I’m currently at about 1.6. I have English under my belt, a little Spanish, and half a semester of American Sign Language. There’s something entirely new, and might I add adventurous, about learning how to speak without speaking and relying heavily on my facial expressions.

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The Nylon Cocoon


Photo by pixabay artist extremis

As the weather starts to cool into fall temperatures, most people are taking every opportunity they can get their hands on to go outside. The sounds, the smells and the leaves on the trees are all reasons to take a break from life to lie outside.

One way to instantly turn a lazy afternoon outside into an adventure is by spending that time in a hammock. “Hammocking” is becoming popular right now – so popular that it even has its own verb to go along with it. To hammock, all you need is a portable hammock, straps and 2 trees to latch onto.

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Adventures in the Unfortunate


Photo by Unsplash artist William Iven

The best adventures are not always planned. Sometimes they show up on a drive in the form of an interesting roadside attraction. Sometimes they’re spontaneous get-togethers . And sometimes they’re unfortunate mishaps that you don’t realize were adventures until they were finished. If you haven’t guessed it yet, that’s the kind of adventure I had this week.

Most of us probably know the panic that comes from reaching for your phone and realizing it’s not there. But between midnight phone calls on borrowed cell phones, campus security with keys and bright flashlights, and the Find My iPhone feature, locating my lost phone the other night turned into a modern day treasure hunt.

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Breaking Your Coffee Shop Bubble

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 30, and anything like me, you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time in coffee shops. Whether it’s studying for class, getting some work done, or blogging, coffee shops are the place to do so. And if you’re anything like me, you have your favorites (Smokey Row, anyone?).

This week I broke out of my Smokey Row/Mars Café “bubble” and tried
something totally new. I decided to check out West End Salvage in downtown Des Moines.

West End Salvage is a building full of salvage and vintage finds from around the country and around the world. The building has four floors of finds and a full service coffee bar on the first floor.


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The Adventure Backpack

Backpacks. They’re used for school, travel, convenience and adventures. No good adventure is complete without an Adventure Backpack.


Every time I go on an adventure with someone, I have them sign somewhere on my backpack. It currently has almost 30 signatures and is filling up fast

The backpack I use is a free one I got in San Antonio during the summer of 2013. It’s been mended once by me while in Florida using a pocketknife and purple yarn, and a second time by my mom using an actual sewing machine. Each adventure I go on, I have any adventure companions sign their name on my backpack. So far it’s been to Florida, Texas, an alpaca farm in Illinois, Colorado twice, and all over Iowa and Nebraska.

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